100 % quality:
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Handcrafted beer – that’s what it’s all about.

Every one of our beers is brewed with the greatest of care and the best ingredients.

The expert when it comes to taste – the master brewer

The master brewer is the central figure involved in the beer brewing process and plays an absolutely essential role, representing what is known as the ‘fifth ingredient’ thanks to his experience and passion. He refines tried-and-tested recipes and creates new brews, using different mixtures of ingredients and a variety of brewing processes to create beers with a strong character and their own unique taste.

The best ingredients for the best beer.

The origin and quality of the individual raw materials used in our beers and our careful handling of these ingredients are our top priority. After all, anyone who wants to brew the best beer around has to use the best ingredients. Only by doing so can we give our beers their unmistakable character.

Maximum quality thanks to long ageing periods

The high quality demands of our master brewers are above all reflected in the care that they put into their work. This is not only underlined by the fact that our beers are brewed by hand, but also, and predominantly, by the ageing period, which stretches over several weeks. This period of time not only enables the flavours to develop completely, but also leads to the fine carbonation and the typical head of our beers as a result of the fermentation process.

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